International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme

IB DP Grade Descriptors




1 English A1, Higher Level
1 English A1, Standard Level 
2 Japanese A2, Higher Level
2 Japanese A2, Standard Level
2 Japanese B, Higher Level
2 Japanese B, Standard Level
2 Spanish B, Higher Level
2 Spanish B, Standard Level
2 Spanish ab initio, Standard Level
2 English A2, Standard Level
3 History, Higher Level
3 History, Standard Level
3 Information Technology in a Global Society, Standard Level
4 Biology, Higher Level
4 Biology, Standard Level
4 Chemistry, Higher Level
4 Chemistry, Standard Level
4 Physics, Higher Level
4 Physics, standard Level
5 Mathematics, Higher Level
5 Mathematics, Standard Level
5 Math. Studies, Standard Level
6 Visual Arts, Higher Level
6 Visual Arts, Standard Level
6 Music, Higher Level
6 Music, Standard Level


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