International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme


This section of the OIS website is the place to get all the information you need about the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) at OIS.


OIS IBDP "At a Glance"

For an overview of the IBDP course offerings at OIS, please view the “At a Glance” document.


Student and Parent Guide

For in-depth information, please view the “Student and Parent Guide.”

This comprehensive guide contains nearly all the details you need to know about the OIS diploma programme, particularly the DP course selection process and the DP recognition policies of universities around the world. 

It contains many hyperlinks to even more detailed information from other online sources, including the IBO public website. The guide opens as a pdf document.


DP course planning sheet

Each spring, the grade 10 students select their DP courses. Because DP courses generally run for two years and because the IB diploma plays an important role in university placement, the grade 10 students face important, long lasting decisions. The decision-making process includes a thorough introduction to the diploma programme by the coordinator, close consultation with teachers and the counselor, and careful consideration and research by students and parents. The students and teachers use a DP course planning sheet to help in this process. Parents are required to sign it.


IBDP summer camps (shorter, cheaper)

There is a variety of summer camps for IB students. Some camps are “pre-DP” camps designed for 10th graders who will enter the diploma programme next year. Some are “mid-DP” camps for 11th graders who have finished the first year of the programme. Camp locations include Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard, MIT, Berkeley and Stanford – very prestigious campuses. OIS students have attended these camps in the past and have enjoyed them. These camps provide great opportunities not only for DP preparation, but also for improving language ability, getting a taste of university life overseas, developing independence, gaining motivation for the academic life, and meeting friends. Posters are on the wall outside the IBDP office on the 3rd floor and Mr. Heimer has brochures. Or view the websites above.


Examination schedule: early- to mid-May

DP final exams are held each year in May, beginning in Golden Week and lasting about three weeks. Many students take more than ten different exams, sometimes with three to four hours of exams in one day – quite stressful. Please click on the “examination schedule” link above for exam dates and times.



IB curriculum information

IBO public website

English A1 curriculum guide


For more information, please contact Peter Heimer, OIS IB Coordinator

(072-727-5290, e-mail), or visit the IBDP office, room 324 (third floor, next to tennis court), or visit the IBO public website at