Elementary School Curriculum 

The Primary Years Programme - PYP

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The Curriculum

At the centre of the PYP curriculum are five essential elements: knowledge, concepts, skills, attitudes, and action. The aim of the programme is to help students acquire a holistic understanding of six main themes, shown on the outside of the programme model (below), through the interrelatedness of these essential elements. 

PYP Curriculum Model

International Baccalaureate Organization

The PYP identifies a body of knowledge for all students in all cultures, in six subject areas:

  • language

  • social studies

  • mathematics

  • science and technology

  • arts

  • personal, social and physical education

In the spirit of internationalism, students are required to learn a second language in addition to the language of instruction of the school.

Six transdisciplinary themes
The essential elements at the centre of the curriculum model are developed and applied in a context defined by the six transdisciplinary themes.

  • Who we are

  • Where we are in place and time

  • How we express ourselves

  • How the world works

  • How we organize ourselves

  • Sharing the planet

Teachers and students from OIS assess student work; there are no examinations or external moderation of student work by the IBO. There are two types of assessment.

Formative This is interwoven with daily learning and helps teachers and students find out what the students already know in order to plan the next stage of learning. Formative assessment and teaching are directly linked: neither can function effectively or purposefully without the other.
Summative This happens at the end of the teaching and learning process. It gives the students opportunities to demonstrate what they have learned.

The PYP requires that individual portfolios of student achievement be kept, as an important mechanism for documenting progress. OIS students in grade five, the final year of the programme, participate in a culminating project, the PYP exhibition. This is designed to demonstrate their proficiencies in all areas of the programme.