International Baccalaureate

The Middle Years Programme - MYP


Personal Project

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The aims of the personal project are to allow students to:

  • demonstrate the personal abilities and skills required to produce and present an extended piece of work

  • engage in personal inquiry, action and reflection on specific topics and issues

  • focus on, and demonstrate an understanding of, the areas of interaction

  • reflect on learning and share knowledge, views and opinions.


The objectives of the personal project listed below relate directly to the assessment criteria, AĖG.
A Planning and Development
Students should:

  • identify a clear and achievable goal

  • describe and justify a focus on the chosen area(s) of interaction

  • describe the steps followed to achieve the stated goal

  • adhere to the stated goal throughout the project.

B Collection of Information/Resources
Students should:

  • select and utilize adequate, varied resources

  • identify and use relevant information critically

  • acknowledge sources of information appropriately.

C Choice and Application of Techniques
Students should:

  • choose techniques relevant to the projectís goal

  • justify this selection

  • apply the chosen techniques consistently and effectively.

D Analysis of Information
Students should:

  • analyse the information in terms of the goal and the focus of the project

  • express personal thought

  • support arguments with evidence

  • respond thoughtfully to ideas and inspiration.

E Organization of the Written Work
Students should:

  • organize their work in a coherent manner according to the required structure

  • present information clearly

  • present references, bibliography and symbolic representations appropriately.

F Analysis of the Process and Outcome
Students should:

  • identify the strengths and weaknesses of the project at different stages of development

  • where appropriate, suggest ways in which the project could have been tackled differently

  • assess the achieved results in terms of the initial goal and the focus on the chosen area(s) of interaction

  • show awareness of the overall perspectives related to the chosen topic or piece of work.

G Personal Engagement
Students should:

  • meet deadlines

  • follow agreed procedures and work plans

  • make appropriate use of a process journal or log book

  • show initiative, enthusiasm and commitment to the task.