International Baccalaureate

The Middle Years Programme - MYP


Language B (Japanese & Foreign Languages)

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The aims of any MYP subject and of the personal project state in a general way what the teacher may expect to teach or do, and what the student may expect to experience or learn. In addition they suggest the ways in which the student may be changed by the learning experience.

The aims of the study of modern foreign languages are to:

  • enable the student to use language(s) effectively as a means of practical communication, providing a sound base of communication skills necessary for future study, work and leisure
  • enable the student to understand the nature of language and the process of total language learning, which comprises the integration of linguistic, cultural and social components
  • enable the student to develop an appreciation of a variety of literary and non-literary texts
  • offer insight into the cultural characteristics of the communities where the language(s) is (are) spoken
  • encourage an awareness and understanding of the perspectives of people from other cultures
  • promote involvement with different communities, where relevant
  • provide access to varied sources of information
  • foster curiosity, a lifelong interest and enjoyment in language learning.
  • Objectives

    At the end of the course students should be able to:

  • communicate information, ideas and opinions
  • demonstrate comprehension of specific factual information and attitudes, expressed in spoken and written contexts
  • identify main ideas and supporting details and draw conclusions from spoken and written texts
  • understand and appropriately use structures and vocabulary
  • request and provide information in both spoken and written contexts
  • engage actively in oral production using comprehensible pronunciation and intonation
  • take part in formal and informal exchanges related to the areas of interaction and to cultural and international issues.
  • Note: The objectives will be achieved at different levels of sophistication for the different certification levels.