International Baccalaureate

The Middle Years Programme - MYP


Information and Design Technology

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Information and Design Technology Grades 6-8

Information & Design technology classes are provided one trimester each year in grades 6-8. In addition, aspects of technology are consciously integrated within all subject areas. Topics will vary, but include design components of the MYP, and practical components of IT required by global citizens in this high-tech world.

Information and Design Technology Grade 9

The rapid advances in technology have plunged modern society into the Information Age. Huge amounts of information can be readily accessed and sent around the world in seconds, and information-processing tools are very powerful, reliable and affordable. It is the aim of this class to introduce to the students many of the more pervasive computer applications that involve the collection, processing, analysis and representation of information, and as well increase their appreciation and understanding of what Information Technology can accomplish. Topic areas include spreadsheets, multimedia presentations, word processing and desktop publishing, navigating the Internet, database and computer graphics.