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Art Programme

The Art programme at Senri International School is committed to forming an art student who:
         is original and creative
         is inquisitive about other cultures
         appreciates art
         understands the elements and principles of design
         is sensitive to media and technique
         prides personal growth
·           独創性と創造性
·           他文化への興味
·           美術の鑑賞力
·           デザインの構成要素と本質の理解
·           媒体と技術への関心
·           自分の成長に対する矜持

The programme is composed of two phases of study:

Grades Seven and Eight: 7年生と8年生

The Art programme in grades seven and eight is designed to provide an introduction to Art through art making, appreciation, criticism, and aesthetics.

Grades Nine to Twelve: 9年生から12年生

Students in grades nine to twelve are provided with the opportunity to design their own path of study in Art by selecting and sequencing courses to suit their individual aspirations.

There are no pre-requisite courses within this phase and students may elect to take as many of the concept and media based courses as they wish.

All the courses are one term in length.

The programme encourages students to explore a broad range of art experiences although Portfolio and Personal Programme courses are offered if students wish to pursue studies in one area to a greater depth.

Elective Art Courses ARTの選択授業について

Most Art courses can be taken only once but some courses can be repeated. Please check individual course descriptions.  Students wishing to repeat a course at a higher level may do so with teacher approval.

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