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The Bulletin                           Feb. 28th, 2009




ES students will be dismissed at 11:30 am.

MS/HS students will be dismissed directly from each camp.

School Buses

March 11 & 12: Operated as usual.

March 13: All school buses will be operated as usual to school.

They will depart at 11:45 am from school.

Public Bus will depart at 12:03.


March 11: Closed at 12:15. (Last order by 12:00)

March 12 & 13: Closed at 1:00 pm.


Jim Schell
Business Manager

We are now accepting applications for financial aid for the 2009-2010 school year, which commences on August 26. Please contact Jim Schell directly, or drop by the Business Office to pick up an application. The deadline for application is Friday, May 8, 2009.


John Searle

I would like to invite all parents to the third coffee meeting of this school year. Please find in this letter two dates of which I hope at least one will be of convenience to you:

Thursday, March 5th at 7.00 pm to 8.00 pm.

Friday, March 6th at 9.00 am to 10.00 am.

I would like to update parents on the opening of the road in front of school, the cafeteria services, and staffing for the new school year in 2009. However this is just the basis for discussion and if parents have other topics they would like to talk about then this is welcomed.

These meetings are not organized by level at the school, therefore parents can attend the gathering at a time that is most suitable to them.

Please tear off the slip in the Bulletin (hard copy) and return it to your childs homeroom teacher by Tuesday, March 3rd. I look forward to meeting you very much at one of these times.


Clarence Coombs
Our Annual Book Fair will be held on March 5 and 6 in the 3rd floor conference room from 8:00 am until 4:30 pm. Books generally cost about 500 yen.

We will be hosting Laura Apol, a visiting author from the USA. She has published many books of poetry, many articles in a variety of journals, and has written several books . On March 3 at 3:45 pm in the Theatre, you will have the opportunity to see and listen to her read poetry.



Sally and Nana

G5 Students / S.N.A.P. (Sally and Nana Assistance Program)

Dear Parents and Elementary Students,

Nana Yanagisawa and I, Sally Wilhelm, would like to give a big thank you to all the students, teachers, and parents who participated in our food, clothing, and supplies drive to help the homeless in Osaka. We and the Sannoh Kodomo Center are grateful for receiving your generous donations.

The amount of the contributions surprised us and we are very pleased with the results. We collected a large number of items which we were delivered to the Sannoh Center this week. We know that many people appreciate and benefit from your generosity.

Remember, a little something can lead to something you never imagined!

Thank you again for your kindness.



Tara Cheney, Peter Heimer

OIS Senior Advisors

The OIS seniors heartily thank the school community for its support for the Schools2Schools project. Thank you for eating hotdogs, buying popcorn, practicing yoga, giving roses, and attending the Pied Piper elementary musical. Thanks to everyones support, we are nearing our goal of US$13,000, enough to construct an entire school building in rural Cambodia. In fact, the school is nearly completed and the OIS seniors plan to visit the school in late May.

The Schools2Schools project also hopes to raise additional money to provide our new sister school with added improvements, either this year or next a new water well, or a garden, or solar panels to generate electricity for a computer. To achieve this, Schools2Schools has started a new fundraiser called Brick by Brick. Members of the school community have already contributed 34 bricks. You can view our progress on the school house on the bulletin board outside the theatre. The school house display was designed and constructed by Ms. Bertram. Thank you for your support.


Help build a school in Cambodia

Brick by brick

5000 yen per brick

Your name goes on a red paper brick as we fill up the school house on the SOIS theatre bulletin board.

Buy bricks as a group of friends, as a class, as a club, as a family.

Please submit donations to any OIS senior or Ms. Cheney or Mr. Heimer.


Peter Heimer
IBDP Coordinator

DP presentations to parents: February 28 and March 3

Parents of grade 9, 10 and 11 students, please note on the school calendar IBDP Presentation to Parents, Saturday, February 28 and Tuesday, March 3. The same presentation will be given three times by Mr. Heimer, once on the 28th from 4:00 5:15 pm and twice on the 3rd from 3:45 5:00 pm and from 7:00 8:15 pm. Sign-up sheets with information about content and times were sent home with students last week. Please make plans to attend one of these presentations. Students are welcome, too.

Who should attend? Parents of 10th graders: your children are now going through the process of choosing their DP courses for the next two years and so you will want to know what kinds of choices they are making. Parents of 9th graders: it is never too early to start learning about the DP. Parents of 11th graders: you may be interested in what role the IB diploma plays in the university application process the final 15 minutes of each presentation will be devoted to that topic; please attend an entire presentation or come only for the final 15 minutes.

If you cannot attend, do not worry. All of the information to be covered can be found on the school website at Also, do not hesitate to make an appointment with Mr. Heimer if you have individual questions.

IBDP deadline, final reminder: March 5

Yes, this coming Thursday. One last frantic weekend of work for the seniors before they submit English world literature papers, Japanese A2 written tasks, TOK papers, and extended essays. This work will be mailed to DP examiners around the world.

Grade 11 students will submit internal assessment work for maths and ITGS or history before the spring holiday.

IB summer camps a reminder

IB summer camps provide great opportunities for students to prepare for the IB curriculum, improve their academic English skills, and get a taste of life at an overseas university. Registration deadlines are approaching. Please see Mr. Heimer or check out these websites: or


Caroline Rennie
MYP Coordinator

Due to conflicts with our visiting speaker, the MYP parent information sessions will now be held early in the spring trimester. There will be three sessions. The first will be in English, the second for non -native English speakers and the third session in Japanese. We hope that by organizing these sessions we will be able to address the any concerns about the difficulty of understanding the Middle Years Programme by parents. We will be discussing the general outline of the programme, with a focus on assessment. Please contact me if you have any additional areas you would like me to discuss.


Caroline Rennie
Director of Academic Affairs

End of trimester reports will be written up in the last week of the trimester and mailed home during the first week of Spring break. If you do not receive these by March 24th, please contact the student information centre.

Just a reminder for grade 6-10 parents that the end of trimester reports give IB MYP levels of achievement attained in a number of subject domains, without narrative comments. Please take time to discuss the grades with your child, compare the descriptors of levels above and below the level your child attained. These are available either from your child, as most classes give students a hard copy of the descriptors in their class, or from our OIS community website. You will need to log into the site first, as these descriptors are copyright, and not for public usage.
Refer to the paper copy, or ask Ms. Rennie or Mr. Underwood for the users name and the password.
Should you have concerns with your childs performance, please contact the subject teachers.



Simon Parker   

Athletic Director 

Important Upcoming Dates :
February 28th: All Japan MS Boys Futsal Festival @ Osaka
March 6th / 7th
: MS Boys Soccer Tournament @ CA, MS Girls Basketball Tournament @ Marist

March 7th: SIS High School Graduation
April 4th: Saber Invitational HS Badminton Tournament
April 9t h- 12th: SABER CUP International Boys Soccer @ Osaka

Many thanks to everyone involved in the Saber Swim Meet this past weekend which was a huge success. Homestay families, parent volunteers, spectators and participants - you all contributed to making it a fabulous time for all concerned and our visitors from Korea and China all had an excellent time.
The spring season is fully underway  and for a full check on all the scores and on the schedule for the coming weeks please visit

Saber Cup HS Boys Soccer Homestay - April 9th-12th, 2009

  • This year sees us in our first year post APAC and the Saber Cup Boys Soccer Tournament will be our first international invitational soccer event. We are looking forward to welcoming 45 students from Seoul International School in Korea, Suzhou International School in China and the International School of Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam.
  • We would very much like to show our guests some true Osaka hospitality and are looking for homestay places with families in our own community for 3 nights. Without the assistance of all of you in our small community we could not be a part of such exciting opportunities and I would personally like to recognize and thank you in advance for your generosity and efforts in helping out.
  • In past tournaments and festivals students from SIS/OIS have stayed with some wonderful families who have made them feel very welcome and have provided a local experience during the tournament. Our students have been cared for very well while representing our school overseas in past events and now it is the turn of the OIS/SIS school community to host visitors from the visiting schools.
  • If you are able to offer a homestay place for one of our visiting students between April 9th and 11th, 2009, or you simply need more information, please mail me at school on or call me directly on 072-727 5050 extension 132. As I said previously many thanks in advance for your help - we are truly grateful for your support of the programme.



Patrick Stenger   

School Counselor

Dear Parents and Students,

Its with difficulty and sadness that I must tell you I will be leaving the Osaka International School Community at the end of this school year.  I have accepted a high school counseling position at the Shanghai American School. 

This has been a very difficult decision for my family and I. Osaka is where I met the love of my life, Chiho, and where our beautiful daughter, Josephine was born. Osaka and OIS will always hold a special place in my heart and I hope to return often. It has been five years since I began work at OIS. These five years have brought much happiness and fulfillment to my life as I believe Ive grown as a person and guidance counselor.  Five years have allowed me to get to know our students and families well. The relationships I have developed with our students are irreplaceable and saying goodbye to students I have grown to know and to love will be the hardest part of leaving.

While Shanghai will not have perhaps as many wonderful students as OIS, it does represent a wonderful opportunity for me, my family and my career. K-12 guidance counseling is a challenge and I feel its time for me to narrow my field of expertise and I would like to develop further my expertise in the college/university admissions area.

In the months to come I would like to do as I have advised others in the past. In order to transition out of Osaka and into Shanghai I hope to spend quality time with our students, continuing to provide the best I can as a guidance counselor, share time with them outside of school, seeing friends and celebrating life in Osaka and the OIS community. In addition, I will be working very closely with administration and the new guidance counselor to ensure a smooth transition. I have increased the amount of instruction I am providing to high school students regarding the college/university selection and application procedures and will spend extra time with our current grade 11 students preparing them for their college admission efforts.

Although arriving at this important decision has not been easy and I expect to experience a roller coaster of emotions over the next six to ten months, I am very excited about this opportunity and challenge. Life is full of risk; however, with risk comes reward and I am looking forward to this new chapter in my life and career. As I have said I am looking forward to seeing people and saying goodbye properly. If you have any concerns and would like to discuss these in person please do not hesitate to come and see me.

Kind regards.


Tuesday, August 25
MS/HS Orientation Day
Wednesday, August 26
MS/HS classes begin.
ES Orientation Day
Thursday, August 27
Elementary classes begin.
Parents are asked to plan holidays around these dates, and not miss days as this has a negative impact on their child socially and academically, as well on other students and the teachers.



IBDP Information Meeting for Parents @ 3F Conference Room, 4:00-5:15 pm
Visiting Author @ Theatre, 3:45 pm
IBDP Information Meeting for Parents @ 3F Conference Room, 3:45-5:00 pm & 7:00-8:15 pm
HS Student Council Cleaning Day
PTA Meeting @ Cafeteria, 8:45-10:00 am
Book Fair @ 3F Conference Room, 8:00 am-4:30 pm
Coffee Meeting with Mr. Searle @ 2F Meeting Room, 7:00-8:00 pm
Book Fair @ 3F Conference Room, 8:00 am-4:30 pm
Coffee Meeting with Mr. Searle @ 2F Meeting Room, 9:00-10:00 am
MARCH 11 - 13
MS/HS Spring Camp
Winter Trimester Ends (Half Day of School for ES)
Spring Break
Spring Trimester Begins
(Lost & Found to be displayed in the 2F showcase area from March 2 to 13)


March 9: Open as usual
March 10: 8:00 am - 4:30 pm (No extended opening)
March 11 - 13: Closed for inventory
March 16 - April 1: Closed
April 2 -: Open as usual


MONDAY, March 2
TUESDAY, March 3
Kitsune Udon / Japanese Wheat Noodle with Deep Fried Bean Curd
Stir-fried Rice with Chinese-style Barbecued Pork
Meat au Gratin
FRIDAY, March 6
Rice Bowl with Pork Cutlet
MONDAY, March 9
Spaghetti with Basil and Tomato
TUESDAY, March 10
Fried Chicken
Curry Rice
THURSDAY, March 12
Chinese Noodle Soup
Hash & Rice
FRIDAY, April 3
French Toast
MONDAY, April 6
Chicken Rice Gratin
TUESDAY, April 7
Omelet Containing Fried Rice
Beef Cutlet
Rice Bowl with Chicken & Egg Topping
FRIDAY, April 10
Baked Salmon with Tartar Sauce


John Searle, Head

Gwyn Underwood, MS/HS Principal

Rod Adam, ES Principal

Patrick Stenger, Counselor

Mike McGill, Admissions Director

Jim Schell, Business Manager

Peter Heimer, IBDP Coordinator

Caroline Rennie, MYP Coordinator

Clarence Coombs, PYP Coordinator

Natsuko Hasegawa, School Nurse

Student Attendance







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