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                        Jan 30th, 2009




Peter Heimer
IB Diploma Programme Coordinator

IBDP deadline: March 5

The first major deadline for submission of IB diploma programme assignments is one month away. By March 5th (or earlier, if requested by teachers), grade 12 students should submit English world literature papers, Japanese A2 written tasks, TOK papers, and extended essays. (Not all students need to submit all of these assignments.) This work is not graded by OIS teachers – it is assessed externally by trained examiners around the world. This external assessment accounts for about 20% of the students’ final scores. Students should submit one paper copy of each assignment to their subject teachers and one electronic copy to the IB coordinator. Failure to submit these assignments will result in the loss of the IB diploma for diploma students or the loss of a DP certificate for certificate students. Please contact Mr. Heimer with questions.

IBDP summer camps

There is a variety of summer camps for IB students. Some camps are “pre-DP” camps designed for 10th graders who will enter the diploma programme next year. Some camps are “mid-DP” camps for 11th graders who have finished the first year of the programme. Camp locations include Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard, MIT, and Stanford – prestigious campuses. OIS students have attended these camps in the past and have enjoyed them. These camps provide great opportunities not only for DP preparation, but also for improving language ability, getting a taste of university life overseas, developing independence, gaining motivation for the academic life, and meeting friends. Posters are on the wall outside the IB office on the 3rd floor and Mr. Heimer has brochures.


Peter Heimer
OIS Senior Advisor
Yoga fundraiser: A reminder - Mrs. Tomoko Bassett, grade 12 parent and yoga instructor, will hold Hatha yoga lessons as a fundraiser for the Schools2Schools project. Each session costs 1000 yen and proceeds will be donated to Schools2Schools. Please reserve a spot with Mrs. Bassett by e-mail: Thank you, Mrs. Bassett.

Hatha yoga lessons, small gym, 14:00 – 15:15, 1000 yen.

    • February 2
    • February 9


Schools2Schools donations: The OIS senior class sends out a big thank you to those who have contributed to the Schools2Schools project. The elementary school donated money raised during their mix-up clothes day. The OIS PTA, as it does every year, has made a generous donation to the grade 12 service project. Mr. Zarouba’s grade 5 class is learning about the project, writing articles and exploring fundraising ideas. And many basketball fans bought popcorn and hotdogs at recent tournaments – with all proceeds going toward building a school. Thank you everyone for your gracious and generous support.

Schools2Schools is a joint SOIS all-grade service project to sponsor the building and support of a school in an impoverished rural area of Cambodia by May this year.

To learn more, please visit and contact either of the OIS senior advisors, Tara Cheney or Peter Heimer.



OIS Faculty Inservice Day (PM)
 - Half Day of School
Commemoration of the Founding of the Nation
 - No School
FEBRUARY 12 - 14
All School Arts Celebration
(Please see the details on the next page.)


MONDAY, February 2
TUESDAY, February 3
Salmon Piccata
WEDNESDAY, February 4
Chinese Noodle Soup
THURSDAY, February 5
Stir-fried Rice with Chinese-style Barbecued Pork
FRIDAY, February 6
Pork Cutlet on Rice
MONDAY, February 9
Meat au Gratin
TUESDAY, February 10
Omelet Containing Fried Rice
THURSDAY, February 12
Kitsune Udon / Japanese Wheat Noodle with Deep Fried Bean Curd
FRIDAY, February 13
Fried Chicken


Simon Parker
Athletic Director

The WJAA Basketball tournaments were held last weekend with the boys coming in 5th place here at school and the girls coming in 4th place up in Nagoya. For more details you can visit Sportsweb. A big THANK YOU to all members of the school community who helped out in one way or another last week with the tournament and to everyone who came down to the gym to cheer on the team. One last chance this weekend to catch some basketball action before the soccer season "kicks off" next week. We are hosting visitors from Seoul, CA and Yokohama for the Saber Cup Tournament which begins on Friday lunchtime. Our girls are determined to shake off the disappointment of last weekend and to finish the season in style and so if you get the chance please come on down to the gym and lend your support.

At the same time the boys team will be making the journey to Yokohama for the Dragon Cup Tournament which promises to be a highly competitive event. They too were somewhat disappointed last weekend but spirits were definitely back up in practice last night and we wish them all the best as they also look for a big finish to the 2008-09 season.

Follow the action, check out the lastest schedules and see what is coming up over the next month or so by visiting


ASAC Committee

Please join us for the first All School Arts Celebration

Thursday, Friday, Saturday, February 12-13-14, 2009

Visual Arts Display and Calligraphy Works @ 1F, 2F East side Hallways/Landings

Thursday, February 12, 2009

ES Music Class Open House @ room 137

MS/HS Strings Class Open House @ genkan

4:00 MS Chorus/HS Chorus @ theatre

4:30 ES Musical “The Pied Piper” @ theatre

5:10-5:35 Music Ensembles @ various places

5:40-7:00 MS Drama “Dags” @ theatre

Friday, February 13, 2009

ES Music Class Open House @ room 137

MS/HS Strings Class Open House @ genkan

4:00-5:55 Music Ensembles @ various places

6:00 ES Musical “The Pied Piper” @ theatre

6:40-7:05 Music Ensembles @ various places

7:10-8:30 HS Drama “Dags” @ theatre

Saturday, February 14, 2009

12:00-1:55 Music Ensembles @ various places

2:00 ES Musical “The Pied Piper” @ theatre

2:40-3:05 Music Ensembles @ various places

3:10-4:30 MS Drama “Dags” @ theatre

4:30-5:55 Music Ensembles @ various places

6:00-6:40 ES Musical “The Pied Piper” @ theatre

6:40-7:05 Music Ensembles @ various places

7:10-8:30 HS Drama “Dags” @ theatre

Venues for Music Ensembles will be posted later.

There are two different groups performing “Dags”: middle school and high school (MS/HS). Please note the above schedule.

Ticket Information

·       ASAC tickets will be sold at the door on each of the three performance dates. No advanced sales.

·       One ticket allows access to all musical and theatrical performances during the day.

·       Seats will not be reserved; general seating for all performances.

·       For the “The Pied Piper” and “Dags” performances in the theatre, a large section of seats at the front will be reserved for family of cast members. Students and friends (non-family members) will be asked to sit toward the back.

·       Ticket prices: 1000 yen for adults, 500 yen for students and children under 12

·       Questions about ticket sales: Please contact Peter Heimer, one of the OIS senior class advisors (along with Tara Cheney).; 072 – 727 – 5290

All ticket proceeds will be donated to the joint SOIS Schools2Schools project. OIS seniors are raising funds to build a school in rural Cambodia.

Your kind donations are warmly welcome. Please make plans to attend – enjoy great performances while supporting a worthwhile cause. Thank you.


John Searle, Head

Gwyn Underwood, MS/HS Principal

Rod Adam, ES Principal

Patrick Stenger, Counselor

Mike McGill, Admissions Director

Jim Schell, Business Manager

Peter Heimer, IBDP Coordinator

Caroline Rennie, MYP Coordinator

Clarence Coombs, PYP Coordinator

Natsuko Hasegawa, School Nurse

Student Attendance






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