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The Bulletin       May 24th, 2008



Karin Caffin

Head of School

Follow up from Last Fridays Meeting for OIS Parents

I must begin by apologizing for the short notice and the timing of the meeting for OIS parents last Friday regarding the news about the 2010 changeover from the Senri International School Foundation to the Kwansei Gakuin Foundation. Sixty three people attended the session and I thank those parents for attending.

Unfortunately the meeting was not really productive with regards to specific information or answers to questions, as the answers were all very general. It is obvious that the best way to find out more and reassure parents regarding the future of their childrens education, is to have the representatives from Kangaku come to a meeting with OIS parents, which they are prepared to do.

The administration and teachers have been reassured by Kangaku that the education at the school will not change and that the working conditions for teachers and staff will not change. It has been evident that Kangaku do not know a lot of detail about OIS, such as the IB programmes, the needs of expatriate parents and teachers and the working details of the Two Schools Together.

The PAC members met on Wednesday and have scheduled an Open Meeting for Parents on Monday, June 2nd at 7:00 pm at school. In addition a questionnaire will be sent so that parents will have ample opportunity to ask questions and express ideas and concerns. After this meeting, the PAC will meet with representatives from Kangaku, convey OIS concerns and schedule an open meeting for OIS parents and Kangaku in the new school year.

The merger has been agreed to, and we will need to spend our energy in ensuring that the Kangaku Foundation knows and understands our needs, and that OIS should be involved in future negotiations and meetings. I do not believe that parents should panic about this changeover, but it is very important for the OIS parents to know that their concerns are heard and addressed, and that the IB education for their children continues to be of excellent quality.


School Festival Parking- in fact, NO PARKING

I know that parents are all aware that we have no special facilities for parking at or around the school. Parking has become increasingly difficult at the school and in the neighbourhood over the years. Please do not use your cars to come to school on Saturday for the festival if at all possible, and try to use public transport instead. Thank you. 

Condolences to Mrs Holloway, a previous science teacher at OIS

On May 1st we received the news that Mrs Diane Holloways only daughter, Savanna had been killed in a boating accident in Sydney. Many teachers, students and parents felt that they knew Savanna well as Mrs Holloway always shared her stories with others. The PTA know that there are some parents and students who would like to send a message to Mrs Holloway, so they have arranged for a Condolence Book to be available for students and parents to write a few words. The Book will be in the School Service Centre downstairs from Monday onwards, so please take the opportunity to write a message if you wish. Mrs Holloway will return to her school in China next week to complete the school year. 

High School Science Teacher.

We have been able to find an experienced IB science teacher to replace Mr Zulauf. His name is Mr Gerard Coleman and he has worked in several international schools as well as national schools, and has taught IB Physics and Chemistry. He is currently teaching in an IB School in Mumbai, India. 



We are looking forward to many parents and community members attending our 2008 School Festival on Saturday, May 24th, 2008.

This festival is organized by the Student Council with the help of volunteers, and this years theme is Fantasy. A theme is chosen each year to create unity between the booths and encourage a festival atmosphere. See you there!

The schedule for the day is as follows:


Students go to Homerooms.


Elementary School Music Presentation & Art Display


Festival starts. (Genkan performance starts at 10:00.)


Festival finishes and cleaning starts.


All non-students must leave the school to facilitate cleaning.


Cleaning finishes and students are dismissed. (All MS students must leave.)


Evening performance starts for HS students only.* (optional attendance)


Evening performance ends and all students must leave.

* Please note the evening performances are only for high school students (with faculty supervising). Parents, middle school students, non-OIS friends and graduates are asked to respect this request as it is made by the Student Council who organises the event.



Caroline Rennie

Director of Academic Affairs

Spring trimester progress reports will be distributed to middle school and high school students next Wednesday. All students should share these reports with their parents. Parents, if you do not receive a report, please ask your child about it, and contact Ms. Rennie if necessary. Please discuss the reports with your child(ren), and feel free if you wish to contact the subject teacher for more information.

Mid-trimester progress reports are sent home at the halfway point of the fall and spring trimesters, and provides two kinds of information: 

1) a summary of what has been covered in the course thus far, and   

2) specific feedback on the performance of each student (how they are doing, and how they can improve).

End-of-term grade reports with MYP and DP descriptors are sent home at the end of each trimester. These grade reports normally do not contain additional comments.



Simon Parker

Athletic Director

Huge congratulations to our MS Girls Softball team who lifted the championship trophy last weekend after 4 straight wins in the end of season tournament. Victory was by 5 runs to 3 over Marist in the final and our girls really played superbly throughout the two days.

For more details and for a full check on what is going on from now until the end of the trimester, check out the website at

Also remember, The Athletic Banquet Friday, June 6th, 2008 @ 4:00 pm in the Theatre.




The entries for the T-Shirt Design Competition are displayed on the artboards on the second floor near the administration area. The judges have shortlisted the entries to 4 finalists. We now need your input for to make the final decision!

Which design would you like on your T-shirt?

Voting is open to all students, teachers and parents so please make time to look at the designs and vote! Voting closes Friday, 30th May so be QUICK and remember only one vote per person!



Thanks to everyone one who came to the meeting last week, we now have a committee with representatives from each class. Plans for Halloween this year were discussed and there will be an OIS event for Halloween but no final decisions have been made as yet. So stay tuned and start planning your costumes.

The next Halloween meeting will be on Thursday, June 12th at 3:40 pm in the small cafeteria and once again childcare will be available. We look forward to seeing you then!!!!!

OIS PTA, Lisa Glasson



MAY 24

School Festival (Please see the important parking notes on this page and schedule on the next page.)

MAY 25 - JUNE 3

Senior Trip

MAY 26 - JUNE 4

Lost & Found Display @ 2F Showcase area


Faculty Inservice - No School

PAC Open Meeting, 7:00 pm @ 3F Conference Room


HS Athletic Awards Banquet, 4:00 pm @ Theatre 



MONDAY, May 26

Spaghetti with Meat Sauce


Fried Chicken


Chinese Noodle Soup


Curry Rice

FRIDAY, May 30

Salmon Piccata


Beef Cutlet


Kitsune Udon (Japanese Noodle in Soup with Fried Bean Curd)


Hash & Rice

FRIDAY, June 6

Spaghetti with Basil & Tomato



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