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The Bulletin       14th December, 2007





Karin Caffin


Dear Parents

It is with mixed emotions that I write to inform you that I have decided to leave the school at the end of the school year. After forty years in education, with thirty of them being in administration, I have been thinking of retirement, and as soon as I do that, I think about where else I can contribute to serving others. So I am not yet clear about full retirement but a period of time out will help me make decisions for the future.

I have been at OIS for the last ten years, four as elementary principal and the last six as head of school. The long hours and time commitment that characterize this job could have been a burden were it not for the joys of being part of a unique and special school, with wonderful families and excellent teachers. I know that we have continued to improve educationally over the years and we enjoy an excellent reputation world wide.

Our relationship with SIS is a special feature of our uniqueness and success in many areas and I have ensured that we are well known through my contacts with colleagues and associations around the world.

I will not write a farewell speech at this time, as there are still six months left for me at OIS and I will continue to remain dedicated to our goals and serve the school.

An announcement regarding my replacement will be made after the winter break.



Gwyn Underwood

Middle and High School Principal                                                                                          

Parent Teacher Conferences

Monday, January 21st , 2008                             4:00 pm to 7:45 pm

Tuesday, January 22nd , 2008                            8:30 am to 11:45 am

As our parent teacher conferences are scheduled just a few weeks into the New Year, I wanted to let you know the times now so you can plan for your attendance. For new parents, we use an Open Appointment system, where all teachers are located in the library, and you are free to speak to any teacher who is available at any time during the two half-days set aside for the conferences. I will send a letter with more details early January. Have a Merry Christmas!



Simon Parker

Athletic Director                                                                                 

The Basketball season is well underway and our HS Boys and Girls teams have now played the bulk of their league games. For all the latest results, league standings and news on schedules for immediately after the holiday for both MS and HS, just visit the Sportsweb at

JV and MS Basketballers, be sure to check the schedule carefully as your tournaments are coming up very soon after the Xmas break!!

From the Athletic Department we wish everyone in the school community a very Happy Xmas and all the best for a safe, healthy and successful 2008. Also a huge thanks to all those people who have contributed so much to the sports programme here at the school throughout 2007. To the teachers and coaches, to the parent volunteers and to the students themselves who always represent our school and themselves in such a first class manner. Thank you to you all and よろしくお願いしますin 2008!! Go Sabers!!



exam registration statistics, summer camps

Peter Heimer

IB Coordinator

Diploma programme exam registration for May 2008 is complete. This years cohort is nearly our largest ever: 42 OIS and SIS students with 12 diploma candidates (OIS seniors), 13 anticipated candidates (OIS juniors), and 17 certificate candidates (SIS students). 97 registrations were made in 18 subject areas levels, ranging from 2 candidates in history higher level to 12 candidates in maths standard level to 16 candidates in English B. Candidates are registered in 3 different languages, 3 different science offerings, and 3 levels of mathematics.

The average size of an OIS IBDP class is about 5 students. Ten DP classes have 5 or fewer students. Unlike many international schools, OIS does not cancel DP courses due to low enrollment. Also, unlike other schools, OIS does not charge DP candidates additional exam and registration fees. We are fortunate to be able to offer so many DP courses with such breadth and depth to a relatively small student body without extra costs to the candidates.

IBDP summer camps are offered in England and the United States. There are pre-DP camps and mid-DP camps available. These camps provide great opportunities for students to prepare for the DP curriculum, improve academic skills, and get a taste of life at an overseas university. Applications are now being accepted. Please contact Mr. Heimer for details.


Do You Have Questions About the School?

The Parents Advisory Council (PAC) is here to help you. Whether it is about the governance of the school, the curriculum and type of lessons our children attend, questions to do with safety or things which you have seen in or around the school which you do not understand, PLEASE CONTACT US.

The best and quickest way is by email to or you can send a letter addressed to PAC at the school.

We are sure that there are many things that you wish to ask and we will reply as soon as possible to your enquiries. Please remember that the more we hear from you as parents the better our school will be for our children.

We hope that we will see many more of you at the next Open PAC meeting.

PAC Members: John Kellett, Tomoko Syrad, Gina Moriguchi, Stephen Frater, Graham Burman.

Report from the PAC Open Meeting December 4th 2007

Thank you to all PAC members who were at the open meeting last week. Unfortunately this meeting was not well attended by parents, but there were some apologies.

The first Agenda item was a concern that had been raised by parents that Saturday School parents cars were being allowed to park on the new school field. There was concern about the effect of parking on the warranty of the surface, and concerns expressed about oil dripping from cars and causing a safety hazard for the students of the school. Mr. Parker from the PE department said that the warranty was not affected.

The second Agenda item was a query about which sports and arts activities were planned to replace the APAC activities. Mr. Parker outlined some of the ideas that we are pursuing with other International Schools in Japan and with schools outside of Japan. The next year will be a year of transition for the school and as soon as decisions about activities have been made we will inform the students and parents. Of course we still have the remainder of our APAC events to complete this school year.



From Osaka Prefecture

Attached to the paper-version of this Bulletin is a leaflet with discount coupons and a list of sponsoring shops, facilities, etc. in Osaka Prefecture.  

Families who have children in the Middle School or younger can use them every 3rd Saturday up till March 15, 2008. It was given by Osaka Prefecture to our ES and MS students, however, it is available only in Japanese.


Minutes of PTA Classroom Representative Parents

December 4th 2007

Present: 29 Parents / Apologies: 5 parents

Mrs. Caffin welcomed all parents, thanking those who were standing down after completing their term, some longer than one year. Most of the continuing and new classroom parent reps were present and they were thanked for their commitment for the January start.

Mrs. Caffin explained the way that the classroom rep system has been working and how it has now evolved over the last 18 months. The alphabetical rotation system is now understood by all parents and some classrooms have parents who have been able to pass on their turns in order within the class. At times the order of parents will vary due to special circumstances, but basically we will choose the reps in alphabetical order.

Mrs. Heimer and Mrs. Honjo explained how classroom reps would have to be either the International Fair rep or the PTA rep. This was decided at the meeting and they will be given an outline of their responsibilities in the new calendar year.

Summary of changes and procedures for the January to December 2008 year

     There will be an organizing committee of three parents. One is continuing on (Mrs. Kim), and two more will be chosen in January.

     There will be a secretary, (Ms Glasson), and a treasurer.

     Generally the International Fair reps would meet separately from the PTA reps.

     Meetings of the PTA reps would be open but agenda items would have to be sent in before the meeting.

     The agenda would be determined with the organizing committee, secretary and the Administration.

     The International Fair reps will decide on key responsibilities at their January meeting.

     Meetings will be set well in advance. The aim is to place them on the school calendar for the next school year.

     There are some plans for fundraising activities over the next year.

     Parents will take responsibility for informing the next on the list in all classes with the help of administration if necessary.

     A list of contacts for all parents in each class will be given to the reps by the administration.

 It has taken a while to make the new system workable, and has not always been smooth. However, many parents agree with me that we are on the way to having a system that will ensure that everyone takes a turn.

The next Classroom PTA Rep Meeting:

January 17, 2008, 8:45 -10:00 am @ 3F Conference Room

The next Classroom International Fair Rep Meeting:

January 30, 2008, 8:45 -10:00 am @ 3F Conference Room



Kana Miki

International Fair Committee

For the International Fair this year the committee decided to purchase dishes and cups to recycle. (Total of 3100 items, at a cost of 310,800 yen). These were paid for by both schools and we can use them again over the next few years. Chopsticks, spoons and forks were rented this year and we may decide to buy our own for the next year. 

Thanks for the help of the booths members and the parents who organized and washed all of the items. We feel that this project was a great success and we can help save the environment by re-using them in the coming years. We had a 99.2% recovery rate with .8% being lost.  

The tableware will be available for other groups to use for school OIS PTA and SIS PA events. Guidelines for use are available.

Special thanks to the student council:

Akira Moriguchi (OIS G12)

Yuma Kennedy (OIS G12)

Arisa Nishimura (OIS G12)

Sun Min Lee (OIS G11)

Mai Iida (OIS G11)

Haruka Arai (SIS G11)

Jun Kamei (SIS G11)

Rui Yamaguchi (SIS G10)

Mana Sasaki (SIS G11)

Aya Yanai (SIS G11)



The Winter Holiday begins next week and for many of our families it is also time to celebrate various festivals. Many families will be traveling to visit family and friends, both close and far away, and we hope that you make the best of such moments which are very precious in our busy lives. We would like to thank all parents for their support during the last term, and on behalf of the administration and faculty would like to wish you all a Happy and Prosperous New Year.



Half Day of School  (See below for details) 


First Day of Winter Holiday 


Registration Deadline for Jan. 26 SAT I & II Tests 


MS/HS Classes Begin

ES Faculty Inservice - ES No Classes


ES Classes Begin



Friday, December 18 will be a half day.

ES/MS/HS students will dismiss @ 11:30am.


School Bus will depart @ 11:45 am.

Public Bus will depart @ 12:03 pm.



MONDAY, December 17

Rice Bowl with Chopped Chicken & Egg

 WEDNESDAY, January 9

Chinese Noodle Soup

 THURSDAY, January 10

Cantonese Fried Rice

 FRIDAY, January 11

Fried Chicken

TUESDAY, January 15


WEDNESDAY, January 16

Stir-fried Rice with Chinese-style Barbecued Pork

THURSDAY, January 17

Japanese Wheat Noodle with Deep Fried Bean Curd

FRIDAY, January 18

Rice Bowl with Pork Cutlet



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Student Attendance 072-727-2305


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