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The Bulletin       16th November, 2007




Head's Update

Karin Caffin, Head                                                                                                   

PAC Meeting


The first open PAC (Parents Advisory Council) meeting will be held on December 4th, 7.00 pm - 8.30 pm in the Third Floor Conference Room. This will be the first of three such meetings scheduled for this school year. The meeting is open to all parents and teachers and the purpose of this first announcement is to seek input on agenda items. If you would like to request an agenda topic, please e mail PAC at or phone Ms. Aotani on 0727-27-5080 or Mr. John Kellett, PAC Chairman on 080-5303-0359.


At our first closed PAC meeting this year current PAC reps, Mr. John Kellett, Mr. Graham Burman, Mrs. Gina Moriguchi, and Mrs. Tomoko Syrad agreed to continue for another year. Mr. John Kellett agreed to be chairman and Mr. Graham Burman, Co Chairman.




Last Tuesday a meeting of 17 classroom parents was held and parents discussed the alternatives to having a traditional PTA committee comprised of President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. It is clear from the fact that no nominations have been received for these positions that parents are reluctant to take on such formal leadership roles.

The parents decided that a different format would be tried. Three parents (Mrs. Honjo, Mrs. Heimer, and Mrs. Kim) have volunteered to take leadership as an 'organizing committee' and one parent (Mrs. Glasson) has volunteered to be the secretary. We are still relying on Mrs. Moriguchi to be treasurer until the end of December. Some of our classroom reps will be continuing from next January and they will be joined by a group of new representatives.

We have scheduled a meeting on December 4th for all outgoing and incoming parent classroom reps, and we know that not all will be able to attend due to work commitments. I will invite all new reps to the meeting and will explain what to do if they cannot attend the meeting. We would like to thank all outgoing reps for their hard work and also welcome the new reps. The parents and I have created a list of duties and responsibilities for the classroom reps so that it is clear what they will be doing. Each class will have two reps and some may have three depending on the size of the class. At this meeting we will decide who will be the International Fair rep and who will be PTA rep.

The organizing committee will determine a date for a PTA meeting for all parents early in the new calendar year and we will inform you after the December meeting.

The International Fair preparations seem to be going well, and I am sure that your classroom reps have been in contact with all parents about help on the day.

Thank you to all parents who help, we appreciate that every one is busy.



Simon Parker

Athletic Director


A great start to the season for our HS Basketball teams last weekend as they both had good wins over the visitors from Nagoya.

For a full round up of all the action and for information on upcoming weeks, please visit the website at



Clarence Coombs


Korean Books in Library

On behalf of the Korean students and parents I would like to thank the Korean mothers who came to the library several times to help process about 70 Korean books. They are on the shelves with all other books and can be searched on the library database by using the Call Number search with just KOR. Please remember, research shows that effective fluent readers in a mother-tongue, are much more likely to be effective fluent readers in English as well. It is only with support like this that the library can effectively grow to meet the needs of all students. Again, MOMS, thank you.

Please note that we are still looking for donations of books, in good shape, from ALL languages.

Online Databases

The library is constantly trying to become more open to the needs of the students. We are aware that many students access the internet frequently for information both in the library and at home. Unfortunately, the internet was not designed for children of any age. As a result, while many children use the internet, they do so very ineffectively. We are in the process of meeting with all students from Grade 9 through 12 to discuss the internet issue and to show them the use of sites for which the school pays. Some of these sites can be accessed from home as well as school and each site is designed for secondary students. In the long run it can not only save children hours of searching time, but will also produce more relevant and effective results.

Please bookmark the school's website on your home computer.

You will notice as you look at the Virtual Library on the school's website that you can, not only access the library database, but also links to other databases designed for students' use.

At present we have:

"Questia"- each student from Grade 9 - 12 has his/her own username and password for this database. Many students continue to use it through a personal subscription when they go off to university

"Global Newsbank" - access to hundreds of magazines and periodicals. You will also note that they have an access point for younger children as well.

We are also trialing

For User id and Password, please contact Dr. Coombs

This is a very large database of newspapers, magazines, books, etc. that is designed for all age groups.

Please feel free to access those sites yourselves and also please encourage your children to access them as well as a first point for their researching needs. Please forward any feedback on the databases to Dr. Coombs.


Gwyn Underwood

Middle/High School Principal


Fall trimester grade reports will be distributed to middle school and high school students on November 30th. All students should share these reports with their parents. Parents, if you do not see a grade report on this date, please ask your child about it. Contact me if necessary.

While the mid-term progress reports (sent home at the halfway point of the fall and spring trimesters) contain narrative comments on your child's progress, please note the end-of-trimester grade reports (sent home at the end of each trimester) contain MYP and DP descriptor levels, and normally do not contain additional comments. All subject descriptor levels are available for your viewing on the OIS Community Website (please refer to the last Educator for username and password if you have not yet visited this site).


John Secomb

Music Department Coodinator

The OIS/SIS Middle/High School Fall Concert series will be held on Tuesday, November 20th and Wednesday, November 21st at 4 pm in the Senri International School Foundation Theatre.

The program on Tuesday will include the HS Concert Band and the MS Band. Featured on the Wednesday's program will be the HS Concert Strings; MS Chorus; MS Intermediate String and MS Performance String Orchestras. A wide variety of music will be performed ranging from Classical to Pop. The music of some of the following composers will be heard: Vivaldi, Sharp, Grice; Gliere and Techeli.

The students have worked hard and have achieved much musically since the beginning of this trimester.

All parents, teachers and students are invited to attend these concerts. Please come and bring a friend. Admission is free.


Exam registration, extended essay, IBO website Peter Heimer IB Coordinator Exam registration for May 2008 has been completed. All grade 12 students are registered to take their final IB exams. All grade 11 students are registered to take exams for their one-year anticipated courses in Maths, History and/or ITGS. Students have reviewed and confirmed their registration details. Grade 12 students studying for the IB diploma can no longer make changes to their courses other than dropping a course or a level, which then would make them ineligible for the diploma. Grade 11 students still have a limited opportunity to make changes in their diploma programmes.

Third and final drafts of the extended essay are due November 22, next week. Missing this deadline may result in suspension from extracurricular activities, restricted senior privileges, and limited access to further supervisor assistance. Many IB assessment requirements are due during the next trimester; finishing the extended essay now will make life much easier later.

Much useful information can be found at the IBO website: Of particular interest to parents of high school students is the database of IB diploma recognition policies of universities around the world and the list of universities that offer scholarships to diploma students. Please see: and



Fumie Onodera

Counseling Office

Information Session on Overseas Summer Program (in Japanese)

November 29 (Thu)?3:45~5:00 p.m.?3F Conference Room

* This session is for Japanese speaking students and parents (sorry!).

* If you want information in English, please contact Fumie Onodera, Counseling Center Secretary.

Phone: 072-727-5061 (direct)

Stanford High School Summer College Information Session (for students and parents)

November 30 (Fri) 3:45~5:00 p.m.?3F Conference Room

Dean and Associate Provost of the program will be coming.

* The Program: Students take classes with undergraduates, and receive Stanford University credit. Stanford admission officer will discuss the application process.

* Program Eligibility: Current G10 and G11 students who are academically advanced. (other graders are welcome to come to get information.)

* See the above website for detail.



Leanne Stephan

Art Teacher

A grade 12 IB Visual Arts student needs shoji doors or screens for a sculpture. If you have any that you no longer need - it does not matter if they are old or broken - we would be happy to have them.



APAC Choir Concert, 5:00 pm @ Mino City maple Hall


MS/HS Fall Bands Concert, 4:00 pm @ Theatre


MS/HS Fall Strings & MS Chorus Concert, 4:00 pm @ Theatre


Fall Trimester Ends (Normal Classes in Session)


International Fair, 10:30 am-3:00 pm - No School


Faculty Inservice Day - No School


Winter Trimester Begins



MONDAY, November 19

Spaghetti with Tomato & Basil

TUESDAY, November 20

Soboro Donburi (Rice Bowl with Chopped Chicken & Egg Topping)

WEDNESDAY, November 21

French Toast

THURSDAY, November 22

Kitsune Udon (Japanese Wheat Noodle with Deep Fried Bean Curd)

TUEDAY, November 27

Spaghetti with Meat Sauce

WEDNESDAY, November 28

Curry Rice with Chicken Cutlet

THURSDAY, November 29

Oyako Donburi (Chicken & Egg Bowl)

FRIDAY, November 30

Salmon Piccata



Karin Caffin, Head


Gwyn Underwood, MS/HS Principal


Rod Adam, ES Principal


Patrick Stenger, Counselor


Mike McGill,

Admissions Director


Jim Schell, Business Manager


Peter Heimer, IB Coordinator


Student Attendance



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